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Memorials/Donations November 25, 2016

Strange Tales From Ohio by Neil Zurcher.  In memory of P.J. Johns given by Tom, Diane, Alison, Jarrett and Marrissa Burga.

Memorials/Donations November 18, 2016

Thomas Jefferson And The Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History by Brian Kilmeade. In memory of Kenneth Mercer given by the First Presbyterian Church.
A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles Schulz. In memory of Ruth Ann “Annie” Howiler given by Pigeon Point Road Neighbors.
Tractor’s Farmyard Fun by Amelia Marshall. In memory of Frederick T. “Freddie” Basford given by Pigeon Point Road Neighbors.

Memorials/Donations November 10, 2016

Harley-Davidson by John Hamilton. In memory of Fred C. Johnson given by Barnesville High School Class of 1966.

Farm Tractors: A Complete Illustrated History by Michael Williams. In memory of William Stottler given by Bernard and Rosie Clark and Family.
American Cake by Anne Byrn. In memory of Barbara Hartley given by Bernard and Rosie Clark and Family.
National Geographic Greatest Landscapes. In memory of William and Kathy Stottler given by Francis Stottler.

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